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Benefits of borrowing with us 


  • No arrangement fees or hidden charges 
  • No penalty for early repayment 
  • Affordable interest rates - you only pay interest on what you owe 
  • All decision are made quickly and based on your individual needs by a person, not a computer scorecard
  • FREE loan protection insurance subject to conditions
Once you have saved regularly with us for a minimum of 3 months, all adult members are eligible to 
apply for a Standard loan of up to £7,500.  Members can usually borrow up to 2.5x the amount of 
their savings.  The interest payable is 2% per month (26.8% APR). 
Once you have successfully had a standard loan with us and repaid within the agreed timescale, you 
are eligible to apply for a Loyalty loan of up to £7,500.  Members can usually borrow up to 3x the 
amount of their savings.  The interest payable is 1.75% per month (23.1% APR). 
Once you have successfully had a Loyalty loan with us and repaid within the agreed timescale, you 
are eligible to apply for a Loyalty Plus loan of up to £7,500,  The interest payable is 1.5% per month 
(19.6% APR).  
Our loan rates are as follows:-
Loan 1 & 2 - 2% per month Apr 26.8%
Loan 3 & 4 - 1.75% per month Apr 23.1%
Loan 5 onward - 1.5% per month Apr 19.6%
The rate changes with loyalty

Members are required to save for 3 months before being considered for a loan.

Loan 1 & 2 can be up to 2x your savings balance

Loan 3 onward can be up to 3x your savings balance

Our loans are available to those members who save with us. Join for free online now

All loans are subject to status and lending criteria, loans available up to 36 months. View our lending creteria and guidance.

Loan Guide

Example repayment calculator:

Loan type
Amount to borrow?
Payback over how many months
Example repayment amount*
Repayment amount
Interest amount (or the cost of borrowing)

* These amounts are only an example, for a detailed guide of how your loan can be repaid please contact the Credit Union. We charge interest at   per month or   APR for that loan.